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Cashmere is an expensive material, every part is made with the strict necessary quantity. It is one of the rare textiles which negotiates by gram. Consequently, cashmere brands dedicate a very limited department, even non-existent for big sizes. Knowing that a cashmere pullover XXL size is heavier 20 % than the same pullover in L size, thus it is mathematically more expensive by 20 %. You can notice that even for classic sizes, some brands degraded a little the outfit of their cashmeres by removing material to generate better margins, to detriment of the quality of your pullover.

On RueduCachemire.com, cashmeres of " FADANEL " Collection were thought to last, to satisfy our customers and develop loyalty . So, our clientele pointed out numerous times that was missing " big sizes " department, one of the most enriched of internet. RueDuCachemire.com thus chose to propose a complete range of sizes for men and women, and without the increase of cashmere prices.

You can find on our website numerous cashmere proposed from " Extra Small " ( XS) size to  4XL (XXXXL) size.

If you have an atypical silhouette, very big and thin, or on contrary small and wide, nothing deprives you of a beautiful cashmere, it is simply to take your measurements to compare them with our grey board at the bottom of every page,  tab "Size". In case of hesitations, it is better to get in touch with our customer service via the on-line chat, by telephone or by email. We shall know how to guide you and help you to place your order of cashmeres.

All our articles in cashmere " are satisfied, exchanged or paid off " under 7 days


Welcome in RueDuCachemire.com
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