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 The appellation of cashmere by the number of threads is a common notion, although it is not sufficient to know the real quality of a cashmere product. A pullover in cashmere 8 threads will be certainly of higher quality than a cashmere 2 threads, this information not being the only one to remember. A high number of threads supposes that if there is more quantity of material, the pullover will be warmer, and will give you due to its thickness a more intense sensation of sweetness to touch..

A cashmere pullover thicker will be considered as a better quality because of its bigger material density. A cashmere pullover 8 threads will be likened to a "better" quality, while it is concretely of "different" quality. Indeed, a pullover cashmere can be made with the same quantity of material in 2 or 12 threads. A pullover in very light cashmere can also be made in 1 thread.

Do not forget that Cashmere is sold by weight in factories. A cashmere pullover of 300 grams will mathematically be twice as expensive as a cashmere pullover of 150 grams ...



 Cashmere also defines by the gauge, that is the spacing of stitches, or more precisely the number of stitches by unit area. Quite as the country  of a wine, the cashmere gauge is going to make up an essential characteristic of the stitch of your pullover. One 2 sons threads will offer a "normal" gauge (neither tightened, nor wide) while one 4 threads will be generally weaved with a wider gauge as a 7GG.



 The last notion to remember is the yarn count, defining the report weight / length of the thread. On RueduCachemire, you will find in a general way a yarn count of 26. Some models in cashmere have a yarn count of 48, which corresponds to an exceptional quality of cashmere " second skin ". It is also important to remember that a high yarn count corresponds to a high sharpness of the thread and thus, to an even higher quality. The cashmere 2 threads gauges 12 corresponds to the product most widely spread on the current market. The ideal is to diversify the qualities of cashmere which you will possess in your dressing room, from cashmere pullover 4 threads gauge 7 to cashmere pullover " second skin " in yarn count 48S. You will appreciate from an optimal point of view, the various aspects of cashmere according to the heat and the effect looked for.


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