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 Rue du Cachemire.com benefits of the expertise of specialists practicing for 30 years on the ground, in direct contact with the breeders of goats, and with the manufacturers of cashmere. Our rigorous selection of cashmere results from Mongolia and from Inner Mongolia (China).

 Cashmere is today a fashionable textile which became more affordable thanks to attractive prices, and to wide distribution around the globe. However, we can wonder about the real quality of mass-market retailing cashmere. A strong tension is applied on the  request of cashmeres in the world. To face it, the breeders increased the size of their livestock of cashmere goats, being often made to the detriment of the local environment (Desertification issues in the steppes of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia)
If all the actors claim to have a rigorous selection of the cashmere with, " the finest  quality cashmeres, the best cashmeres, and the softest cashmeres ", which are the ones which would inherit from  the " bad cashmere" ?


We can estimate the quality of cashmere according to the following criteria :
> Selection of the wool taken on Capra Hircus goat : the quality of the cashmere will vary according to the environmental conditions in which is raised the herd, the practices of the breeder and the food of cashmere goats .
> Selection of the hair in the factory : two factors are essential, in particular the quality of machines separating the wool ( standard hairs) some cashmere ( very fine hairs) and the water used for the numerous stages of washing / rinsing.
> Transformation of the hair pelota in cashmere son ( Pelota related to the cotton but one thousand times more silky ) : the quality of machines and the know-how of the spinner cashmere are essential during this procedure.
> Tint of the sons : The use of noble materials and environmental protection will make vary the final quality of cashmere, as well as the process of dye before assembly of cashmere clothes .
> Final knitting of cashmere : automated machines or not, manual finishes, quality controls.
> Final stages of washing / rinsing : according to the dosage, it will determine final sweetness of garment cashmere.

 In reality, few actors have a real influence on the whole qualitative cashmere chain. Besides, the more the participant distributes big quantities, the less he can be selective upstream on cashmere because he has to compose with a supply of multiple breedings and origins.




Some indications will allow you to be all eyes on the usual swindles and other marketing mirages. Cashmere " Made in Italy " in unbeatable price, could be renamed " Made in ChinItalie ". There is no cashmere goat farm Italy. This cashmere is only passing in transit by Italy, but is really made in China. Common usage for the well-known brands, the label " Made in China " can be also removed with the aim of hiding the origin.

Stamped cashmeres "Fair trade" are also a marketing concept which not assures at all some respect for human being. Those who were able to take advantage of this practice by swindling during years their customers were called in to order by the DGCCRF. Some of them then turned the concept to " United Trade ".

The big retail brands which sell at a reduced price cashmeres pullovers, damage fame of cashmere. Indeed, cashmere is purchased in the weight. So, by removing 20 % of material on a product, you reduce the costs, but also quality of cashmere. Crossed a season, your cashmere pullover will have lost its holding and will not be good to wear any more.

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