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Located on the 20 rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris, near the Halle and next to the Saint-Eustache church , Rueducachemire.com opens punctually its doors during the year to welcome its customers during exceptional private sales.

At the same address can also be take away your cashmere purchases during all year.

Our customers are always very happy to meet our team, as well as to discover current cashmere collections or cashmere collections for the next season. RueduCachemire.com wants to be close to its clientele.

However, this address is also our offices. We are neither equipped, nor configured to receive permanently public. We know however how much it is important to create a human link between the buyer, the company, as well as its environment

 If you wish to visit us, contact us by telephone either email to indicate us your coming, because it could be possible that we are in professional meeting, or simply away for a moment.

Once at our showroom, you will notice the irreproachable quality of our fabrics, deserving  to famous names of Cashmere world. RueduCachemire proposes you an original cashmere collection immediately available .


To make an appointment with us at our showroom , please call us to the following phone number : +331 42 33 83 22,

or send us an email to contact@rueducachemire.com .

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Welcome in RueDuCachemire.com
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